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Shark Dives

Shark Dives require AOW/Nitrox certifications.


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About Gold Coast Scuba

The best gear

Sure, we carry, sell and rent a select assortment of awesome top quality dive gear at great prices, however, what we really like to do is dive.

Those of you that know us, know that there isn't much that will keep us from diving!

Check out what our divers are up to at:

The quality of dive gear has improved over the years and the prices have come down, SO NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO DIVE DIVE DIVE!

Diving has tremendous benefits in ways such as: exercise, stress relief, pleasure, environmental awareness, meeting new people, fun and excitement!

We'll help you make the change from normal person to SCUBA DIVER almost overnight! You'll wonder why you didn't try diving sooner. The underwater universe awaits!

If you're already a diver, we're looking forward to diving with you!

Stop by the store and say hi to Brian, Liz, Bill, or Steve!

We are open everyday:

Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm

Saturday and Sunday 8am - 7pm

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